Thursday, April 13, 2017

Missouri River Relief named Missouri River Country Heroes!

We were amazed to see the ad below published in the Washington Missourian newspaper when we were in that town for a week of education events, a river clean-up and the sixth Washington River Festival!

We were honored to find out that the Magnificent Missouri and Katy Land Trust organizations, helmed by Dan and Connie Burkhardt, had awarded our volunteers the "Missouri River Country Heroes Award"!

That's a big honor coming from those folks, who are doing so much to drive attention to the Missouri River Valley. From running the Katy Land Trust, which organizes Missouri River events, kickstarting the Missouri River Country economic and conservation initiative, runs the Peers Store highlighting Missouri River Art and published TWO beautiful books about the lower Missouri River - "Missouri River Country" and "Growing Up on the River: 9 Generations on the Missouri". 

To find out more about all of this stuff, drop by the Peers Store right on the Katy Trail near Marthasville. The store is opening for the season this weekend, April 15, for the season with an exhibit of original Bryan Haynes artwork commissioned for the "Growing Up on the River" book. Check out the Washington Missourian article here. 

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